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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Nepal Idol Audition in Kathmandu

The singing competition has begun and is now searching for its first Nepal Idol, this reality show will be telecast on AP1 HD channel. Which is Nepal’s first HD channel and is now official channel to produce the international show.

Nepal Idol Audition in Kathmandu
Nepal Idol Audition in Kathmandu

After much await the judges are off to find the talented singer from all over Nepal.

As, you might already know, Audition is in 7 cities of Nepal. and the last audition is at Kathmandu.

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Nepal Idol Audition in Kathmandu

There will be 2 days Audition in Pokhara, Biratnagar and Kathmandu. First they will audition Pokhara on 2073 Magh 29, Falgun 01 and then move toward Kathmandu.

Nepal Idol has fixed 2 days audition in Kathmandu.

  1. Saturday, 18 February 2017    / 07 Falgun 2073
  2. Sunday, 19 February 2017      / 08 Falgun 2073

Audition will take place in “DAV School, Jawalakhel” on both Saturday and Sunday.

This will be easier for both the judges and mass crowd of Kathmandu. As they have set the audition day at Saturday most of the working or students will not miss their daily activity.

This is the first selection round, Good Luck.

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  1. loh participate garna janu hola sabai

  2. gajendra k mahato

    where could i submit the nepal idol audition form from ktm…i have fill the form but when i call to dav school .. the are unknown abt the this …what can i do

  3. Form varne kasari ho??

  4. form chai audition ko din lagne ho ki paile nai plz bhndinu na

  5. Prashant rajkarnikar

    Kasari varne hola ta

  6. form kahilesamma bharna paine ho?Biratnagarko place kaha ho?

  7. I don’t have form
    Taiee form bharnu milxa

  8. From Ahile pani jada pauxa jawlakhel DAV school ma

  9. Ktm ko kaile samma xa form varne myad ra kun thauma varne any idea?

  10. first ma track ma songs gaunu parne ki tesai ho?

  11. singing comptition ma track ma gaune hokI tesai

    • HariKumarThapaMagar

      Without instrumental,

      अडिशन दिँदा म्यूजिक ट्रयाक चाहिन्छ?

      चाहिन्न, त्यतिबेला निर्णायकले तपाईंको स्वरमात्र परीक्षण गर्ने हो तर माग्नु भयो भने हारमोनियम वा गिटारमा निर्णायकले तपाईंलाई कर्ड दिन सक्नेछन साथै आफ्नो सजिलोको लागि तपाईंले आफूसँग कुनै एक वाद्य उपकरण पनि ल्याउन सक्नुहुनेछ ।

      For More Info: http://nepalidolofficial.com/faq.php

  12. can i get the form today..or can download today..for ktm audition

  13. k 7 gate nai form bharna milchha?

  14. After being selected nepal idol le diyeko place mai basnu parne huncha ki afnai marji ho?

  15. K audition date sakeko ho

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